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ColourMost™ Mini Diamond Painting Series #06: 'Butterfly Bliss 2' - Frameless 12-in-1 Set (6"x7" / 15x18cm)

ColourMost™ Mini Diamond Painting Series #06: 'Butterfly Bliss 2' - Frameless 12-in-1 Set (6"x7" / 15x18cm)

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Embrace the Beauty of Butterflies with Our ColourMost™ Mini Diamond Painting Series #05: 'Butterfly Bliss' - Frameless 12-in-1 Set!


  • 12 Frameless Numbered Canvases (6 x 7 inches / 15 x 18 cm each) with a painting size of 3 x 5 inches / 8 x 12 cm each featuring exquisite butterfly designs
  • Diamonds: A full set of colorful diamonds for each canvas
  • Sticky Pen: For easy diamond placement
  • 3 Drills Picker: For picking up multiple diamonds at once
  • Tweezers: For precision handling of diamonds
  • Plastic Tray: To hold diamonds while you work
  • Tools Bag: To keep all your tools organized
  • Colour Card: To match diamond colors with their corresponding numbers
  • Glue: To ensure diamonds stick securely to the canvas
  • Box: Convenient packaging for easy storage and gifting

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