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Dear valued ColourMost Customer,

Thank you for your purchase.

To track your order:

1、Download the tracking file here

2. Search for the tracking number in the file (Ctrl F)
Find all by using your order number #CM-xxxxx (Occasionally there will be multiple tracking numbers for an order)

3、Enter the tracking number here to get the tracking results.

If the tracking number starts with CUSxxxxxxx, please track your order here

If the tracking number starts with SFxxxxxxx, please track your order here


The tracking information may take 5-10 days to show any updates as the package needs to travel to the distribution center and be processed. Please, wait patiently. If you don't see any updates in your tracking information for 20 days, please contact us.

NOTE: There has been a delay in shipping due to the COVID-19 outbreak, please prepare enough time to wait for the arrival of the package.

*Unfortunately, we are having an influx of sales and due to the extremely high volume of incoming emails, we might not get to your query within the promised 24-hour timeframe. *